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I'm Nika. Freelance illustrator & print designer that is slightly addicted to coffee, obsessed with the ocean and everything pink. I live in a small town (that loves Christmas) surrounded by nature, and that is where most of my inspiration comes from. 


I've graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana (Fashion Design) and decided to spend my last year as an Erasmus student at Winchester School Of Art. At 21, I had never lived or travelled on my own. So, naturally, I packed my bags and moved across the ocean to Winchester, UK. Just four days after graduating, I packed my bags (again) and moved to London, where I continued expanding my horizon at the London College of Fashion. 

On this website, you will find everything I love. Illustration and prints make my heart happy. I can't draw without listening to music. On my day off, you will probably find me lazing in my PJ’s, creating some new embroideries or illustrations, watching animal videos and searching the web for tips & tricks on Procreate. I love, love, love strong coffee and a good book. Summer is my favourite season, and Christmas is my favourite holiday. 


 Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo Nika